Top 4 Business Security Risks That You Need To Avoid

Security breaches are now common phenomena. It’s causing companies a lot of money. Businesses must work towards protecting their data. Here are the business security risks you should avoid.

Unhappy Employees


You should protect your company data from internal attacks. Employees who are unhappy and unsatisfied can be a major threat. Those members who are part of your IT team and know how to access your networks can cause damage to your sensitive data. To prevent such things from occurring, you should closely monitor and manage privileged credentials so that no one can exploit your sensitive data. Companies must implement protocols to track the activities of these accounts.

Careless Employees


If you have careless employees in your company who forgets to log out of your system, then they can be a serious threat to your company. If employees are not trained on security issues, they will have weak passwords and visit websites that are unauthorized. They might click on links in suspicious emails and pose a threat to your system. You must train your employees on the various security measures.

Mobile Devices


When employees use their personal mobile devices to get access to company information, the chance of data theft increases. You should make sure that the employees don’t download or share company data using their mobile devices. They should maintain strict protocols regarding this.

Cloud Applications


These pose a risk to company systems. You should use your best defense at the data level using strong encryptions like AES 256-bit. This will prevent any third party from accessing your data even from public cloud.

Companies should immediately take measures to reduce these risks. Losing valuable data not only harms a company financially but also ruins its reputation. So, you should invest in installing security protocols at various stages of your business processes.


How Can Hackers Gain Access To Your Company Data?

The digital data thieves today are very smart. They can get access to confidential business and customer data through various means. You need to take proper security protocols so that your data doesn’t end up getting into the wrong hands. Hackers can steal your data the following ways.

Phishing Scams

Email phishing is a traditional approach and is very common nowadays.  Attackers send out mass emails to people that seem to be coming from banks and other institutions. The email tells recipients to verify their email accounts by clicking on a particular link.When the recipients provide their login information, the hackers can make your money away from the account. To prevent such scam, you should remind your employees to look out for such suspicious e-mail attachments and pop-up screens that ask for personal information.

Password Hacking

If you use very simple passwords and don’t change your default password, then you will welcome hackers to your system. You should change the default passwords when you get a new software or equipment for your company. You should also train your team to change the network password regularly. You should use a combination of letter, special characters, and numbers in your password, which will make it complicated for the hackers to crack.

Downloading Free Software

As a responsible business owner, you should never download free software. When you look for the freeware version of any software, you introduce viruses and malware into your system. So, you should spend your money on getting a tested commercial version of the software.

Cyber attacks can cost businesses thousands of dollars. Therefore, you must take precautions to protect your system from such attacks.